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Outdoor Ceiling Lighting
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  • SAVE 80% INSTANTLY – Save up to 80% on the cost of lighting your industrial space by replacing your 300W commercial building lights with 90W.

  • 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – Lifetime of more than 45,000+ hours and backed by a trusted warranty. LED Canopy Light is ideal for overnight security, entrance, and gas stations.

  • SUPER BRIGHT –90W LED Canopy Light provides brilliant lighting and is an efficient, energy-saving replacement for  to 350-Watt metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures by outputting an incredible 110 lumen per watt.

  • ✔ FULLY WEATHERPROOF – IP65 waterproof rating for worry-free outdoor lighting. The commercial-grade housing features a lens made of high-quality, shatter-resistant prismatic epoxy designed to withstand damaging effects of outdoor environments.